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Oven Types

There are several types of pizza ovens, each with distinctive qualities that affect ingredient and crust/dough performance, preparation speed and taste:

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Deck ovens Feature shelves where the pies are placed directly on preheated stones for baking. Deck ovens are popular with independent and specialty pizzeria operators because they provide authentic taste without complex setup.

Brick or Wood-Fired ovens are made of brick or clay, and provide a coal- or wood-fueled open flame near which the pies are rapidly prepared at temperatures of at least 600°F and often 800°F. Gourmet chefs and skilled prep staff tend to like this type of oven for its finessed, classic preparation techniques and upscale results. Because of the oven’s high temperatures and quick bake times,specially formulated high-heat dough balls work best.

Conveyor ovens are common in the industry because of their versatility and ease of use. The pizza is pulled through a forced air/convection cooking chamber on a chain conveyor belt, so training time is negligible and results are consistent. QSRs (Quick Service Retail outlets), delivery-focused pizzerias, and non-traditional venues like food trucks favor conveyor ovens to prepare pies using dough balls, self-rising or par-baked crusts.

Double-door convection ovens are a money-saving option in that they require less energy and baking time for pies that are comparable to traditional methods. They are relatively fast and easy to use, double-door convection ovens are often found in cafeterias and commissaries where pies are made on par-baked crusts.

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Rapid Cook ovens combine the benefits of a microwave and pizza oven into one piece of equipment. Forced air and heating elements on top and bottom make rapid cook ovens customizable in that heat settings and heat direction can be controlled to determine pie look and final bake. Small and easy to use, rapid cook ovens are often used in non-traditional locations or in operations where pizza is a secondary product. Self-rising and par-baked crusts are typically used for pie prep.

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