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Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning in Jamaica

During the average working day your commercial kitchen’s canopy may absorb smoke, grease, oils, gases such as carbon monoxide, as well as odours and chemical particles. And, over time, all of these things can leave traces in your canopy, comprising its effectiveness and appearance.

kichen canopy cleaning in Jamaica

Fortunately, keeping your kitchen canopy performing (and looking) its best is easy, with regular maintenance and cleaning from a trusted commercial cleaning company, like Cold Air refrigeration and Kitchen Maintenance Services.

kichen canopy cleaning in Jamaica

We clean your canopy inside & out

While your canopy may be clean on the outside, it’s often what you can’t see that is dangerous. Grease, oil, and grime deposits can all accumulate within your kitchen canopy. And these deposits may not be immediately visible.

AtCold Air Jamaica and Kitchen Maintenance Services we use specialised equipment to give your kitchen canopy a comprehensive cleaning both inside and out.

Upon completion of cleaning, you will be provided with a certificate detailing the service provided. As well as before and after photographs of the now-cleaned canopy. So you can rest assured knowing that your kitchen canopy is clean, safe, and performing at its best.

Canopy Cleaning – Why It Is Necessary

Designed specifically to remove airborne grease, heat, smoke, smells and steam from the air surrounding a cooker, a canopy and the ductwork behind it can quickly accumulate grease and dust. If the build-up becomes excessive it can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria which can pose a significant health risk to your employees and your diners. And it can also catch fire if exposed to flames from the cooker below – the ductwork can then carry the fire through to other parts of the building.

Because of these dangers there is strict legislation in place to ensure that regular deep cleaning, including canopy cleaning, takes place and that it is done by a professional company.

This may seem like an unnecessary added expense until you weigh up the benefits of keeping your Jamaican kitchen and canopy cleaning up to date, with the possible implications of a less diligently cleaned kitchen.

Ensuring regular canopy cleaning within your commercial Jamaican kitchen will ensure that the air in your kitchen is more pure and breathable, and that your kitchen is a safe and healthy place in which to work. All helping to keep your workforce healthy and happy, improving productivity, and therefore your bottom line.

It will also help to keep the possibility of vermin being attracted to your commercial kitchen to a minimum, and even more importantly, it will reduce the risk of fire – a hazard to be avoided at all costs especially in these economic times.

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