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Duct Making Services

Duct Making Services in Jamaica

We manufacture duct work and sheet metal products for the ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Your business has different heating and cooling needs than your neighbors’  businesses. You use different cooling equipment, and your employee size and temperature preferences may differ. Your business is smaller or larger than those nearby, and you may have a zoning system in place so that you can vary the temperature in different areas of the building.

With your unique cooling needs, you deserve a custom set of ducts designed just for you, not for just any structure in the neighborhood. And you can get custom ductwork from the friendly technicians at Cold Air Refrigeration and Maintenance Services. We offer sheet metal fabrication of ducting in Jamaica. Call us for new installation for a new property, or if you’re ready to upgrade a duct system that makes your air conditioning systems operate efficiently.


The ducts contain no moving parts, unless you have a zoning system in place. Because of this, the ducts can go ignored for years, with business owners assuming their cooling troubles are attributed to a faulty or outdated air conditioner.

But the ducts take on a whole lot of air pressure over the years, and all of this work can cause the ducts to become leaky or dilapidated. In some cases, portions of the ductwork are missing, and air cannot reach certain rooms at all, or at least not very efficiently. Air moves into the a crawlspace and you end up paying much more on cooling costs than you should.

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