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Deep clean ovens Jamaica

Commercial Deep Clean Oven Jamaica

Cold Air Refrigeration and Kitchen Maintenance Limited specializes in the deep cleaning of commercial ovens including conveyor ovens, convection ovens, deep fryers, broilers, commercial rotisserie ovens , combination ovens and other kitchen equipment.
Our team of professional cleaners service bakeries, coffee shops, pizzerias, industrial locations, grocery stores, delis, food franchises and many more!
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Our goal is to provide a thorough deep cleaning as well as increase the life of the equipment.
Regularly schedule maintenance on your commercial ovens can improve cook times as well as reduce the risk of oven fires. Our team performs an in-depth analysis of your equipment and provides before and after photos.
A properly cleaned oven involves much more than just cleaning visible components. Our certified technicians utilize a detailed, in-depth process to ensure the procedure is done correctly. With several conveyor ovens serviced to-date, we have the experience you can rely on
What to Expect

  • Easy Scheduling
  • Inspection, Cleaning and Photographing
  • Invoicing Made Easy

We make use of a variety of professional techniques to get the job done, including kitchen steam cleaning. We also use solution dip tanks to remove carbon, fat and grease deposits from cooking equipment, which is done by dismantling each appliance and cleaning each component individually.The large, solid body of each appliance is also treated to eliminate deposits of limescale, carbon and grease which inevitably build up over time, before reassembling all the clean parts and polishing them to provide a brilliant finish.All of this is achieved by using our specially formulated cleaning solution, deployed by our highly trained team. We use our own exclusive products to ensure fantastic results every time, which you are not guaranteed with other providers. In fact, many kitchen hood cleaning companies don’t bother to fully clean all your equipment, only treating the top surfaces with basic cleaning supplies and leaving the dirtiest areas untouched. At Cold Air Refrigeration and Kitchen Maintenance Limited we pride ourselves on offering a much more thorough deep clean oven Jamaica service. We are one of the most experienced kitchen hood and equipment cleaning companies in Jamaica, having worked in many top commercial kitchens across the island of JamaicaNot only do we offer a complete industrial cleaning solution for your ovens, ducting and extraction system but we can also provide air conditioner maintenance services, duct (canopy) cleaning etc.Are you looking for information about fixing an ac unit that is not cooling the room properly?deep clean ovens Jamaica

deep clean ovens Jamaica

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Commercial deep cleaning specialists Ascot, Slough, Sure Foot Services

Commercial Deep Clean Oven

Jamaica Tip

Why does a commercial oven need a regular deep clean? With many years of experience, we know what we are talking about! Our motto is: ‘It’s easier to keep it clean, then to get it clean’. Whilst we are not fazed by a filthy oven and in fact we like a challenge, it will take us longer to clean, costing you more money and the oven would have an even longer downtime.

A clean oven is a great indicator as to how clean the rest of the kitchen will be. A clean oven also enhances flavours, where as a dirty oven will infuse the food with horrible odors which will lead to customers not coming back!

A clean kitchen will help you achieve a higher ‘Scores on the Doors’ food hygiene rating and ensure that your equipment is working at its optimum level. We know you just want to get on with your job, so leave the dirty stuff up to us! We offer a regular deep cleaning service for both commercial ovens and your whole kitchen and can visit as often or as little as you need.

A little tip to help your oven stay clean… make sure you regularly wipe down your gas oven when finishing service to help prevent carbon build up. The build up often means a deep clean will take longer and end up costing more to clean.

oven deep clean Jamaica

Deep Clean Oven Jamaica – FAQ

Why contact a company to clean my oven? -Well, oven cleaning is a tedious and tough job. Good results require extra elbow grease – let us do it for you. Apart from this, we use the right cleaning materials and equipment and have the necessary expertise to perform the service efficiently. A poor choice of materials and solvents can even sometimes cost you the oven.


What does the service include?  -The service includes degreasing, scrubbing, cleaning, polishing and sanitizing of all types of ovens, commercial and domestic using eco-friendly, non-toxic materials and solvents.

When and how often is the service required? -The oven cleaning service should be used on regular basis, a clean oven will improve the taste and flavour of any home made dish. For commercial customers, we offer scheduled cleaning, as such ovens and equipment have to be kept clean in accordance to strict regulations. A clean oven in any instance will consume less electricity to do its job efficiently.

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Our techs service the parishes of Kingston St. Andrew, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Port Antonio, Negril, St, Mary, St. Ann and all the parishes of Jamaica.

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