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Deep Clean Kitchen. Jamaica restaurant owners say we are #1

Commercial catering environments such as hotel kitchens, and restaurant kitchens, restaurant canteens and food preparation areas must adhere to stringent local and international legislation governing their condition and hygiene standards. Our comprehensive commercial kitchen deep clean offers the following benefits:

  1. Increased hygiene (which discourages the breeding of rats, roaches and other flying/crawling insects)
  2. Increased efficiency ( to use significantly less electricity) and extended equipment life (Less mal-functions, break-downs and less repairs)
  3. Reduced fire risk
  4. Compliance with local government food hygiene and kitchen safety regulations

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Failure to meet the hygiene standards can lead to severe penalties that can have a negative effect on profitability, operations, as well as on the reputation of the business. In addition, poor cleaning procedures can lead to bacterial contamination of food and utensils, spread of diseases, pest infestations (rats, cockroaches and bugs) and reduced equipment life which will give a negative return on investments made on the equipment.

Regular deep kitchen cleaning is one of the simplest way that restaurateurs can take control of the cleanliness of their commercial environment and ensure the best possible standards are upheld for their customers. As well as creating a clean and safe environment to prepare and cook food, kitchen deep cleaning also helps you fulfil your legal obligations as a responsible restaurant or hotel owner.


As Jamaica’s leading commercial kitchen cleaning company, the Cold Air Refrigeration and Kitchen maintenance Team regularly assist businesses in the food industry with deep kitchen cleaning and work tirelessly to ensure these environments meet ours, yours and local and international standards. But what does a deep clean involve, and how often does your commercial kitchen have to be cleaned?



The Deep Cleaning Process

Deep kitchen cleaning is one of our most popular services and provides a thorough and cost effective way of maintaining the best standards within kitchens for hotels and restaurants. The expert techniques used by our team go one step further than the cleaning methods used by in-house staff at the end of every working day.

Kitchen Maintenance in Jamaica Tip

Scrub the inside of your stove with a baking soda-water paste.

Combine a box of baking soda with water to form a paste. Fill any openings in the oven with foil. Avoiding bare metal surfaces and the oven door, spread it all over your oven then let it sit overnight. Use a plastic scraper or spatula to remove the paste, wetting as needed, then rinse with water.

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Deep cleans leave every aspect of a commercial kitchen in an almost new state, and canopies, extractor fans and their filters, ovens, floors, grills, surfaces and fryers all receive the five star treatment. Using specialist equipment and cleaning techniques, all appliances and work surfaces undergo our 5 star inspection and then go through a vigorous cleaning process leaving them germ-free and complying to the latest health and safety regulations. From the out of sight components of cookers to the seals on fridge doors, behind the knobs on your stove and oven, no place is too difficult to reach during a commercial kitchen deep clean by our team.


When Should I Schedule a Kitchen Deep Clean Jamaica?


Cold Air Refrigeration and Kitchen maintenance Jamaica recommends that every commercial kitchen must be professionally cleaned every one to six months, and if your kitchen is very busy then we suggest every three months.

As well as this cleaning every four to six months, Cold Air Refrigeration and Kitchen maintenance recommends that you complete kitchen deep cleans on a one-off and regular basis for ultimate peace of mind. One-off cleans can be scheduled at any time, and are very popular here in Jamaica if a chef or business owner is taking over a kitchen at a hotel or restaurant.


What does a Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean Jamaica do for your Kitchen?

Daily cleaning routines can maintain a good level of hygiene. However on less accessible surfaces such as walls, ceilings, lights, equipment, heat extractor ducts, grout in the floor, and kitchen fittings, the gradual accumulation of grease, fat and grime can provide a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

Raw meats, poultry, and fish carry a large variety of harmful bacteria. One of the most serious is Escherichia coli 0157:H7. This is the organism found mostly in undercooked hamburger. It is one of the most common causes of foodborne illness, according to the CDC. This bacterium causes hemolytic uremic syndrome, an often-deadly disease that strikes mostly children. Older adults are also at high risk.


Chicken, turkey, and fowl are associated with shigella, salmonella, and campylobacter. These are bacteria that cause diarrhea, cramping, and fever. Most meat can be contaminated with toxoplasmosis. This is a parasitic disease dangerous to both pregnant women and fetuses.


Seafood, particularly oysters, clams, and other shellfish, can be contaminated with the vibrio species of bacteria that causes diarrhea, or with hepatitis A virus.

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Unpasteurized cheese and some meat can be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, a strain of bacteria that can cause disease in people and miscarriage or damage to the fetus in pregnant women. Listeria is often found in soft cheeses, such as brie, and more often in imported cheeses than in domestic cheeses. Listeria is one of the few bacteria that grow well in the 40°F (4°C) temperature of the refrigerator!


Cold Air Refrigeration and Kitchen maintenance commercial kitchen deep cleaning service provides and maintains a high standard of kitchen hygiene through thorough, regular, professional cleaning that adhere to the highest standards in the industry. Burnt on carbon and fat deposits are removed, ensuring any potentially harmful bacteria are eliminated. Cold Air Jamaica trained specialists ensure floors, walls, ceilings, lights, kitchen fittings and equipment, heat ducting, grout in floor tiles etc. are thoroughly professionally cleaned to the highest standards in the industry. This procedure also helps to prolong the life of your expensive kitchen equipment, and gives you peace of mind knowing that you are providing your customer with meals that won’t make them ill.

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