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In-Office air quality is not always as clean as it seems. Having an Air Duct System that is not serviced at least twice per year, does contaminate the air that is circulated throughout your offices by air conditioning units.

Properly servicing air conditioning units also requires the timely cleaning of the connected air ducts as well. Since employees spend 60% – 90% of each day in-office, they are especially exposed to poor air quality that might be present.

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The amount of traffic you have going through your office doors daily, does determine how quickly your air quality is reduced, as contaminants like cigarette smoke, air borne viruses from staff members or customers who came to your office with flu, colds and other allergies, dust particles, odors, toxins, mold, air-borne contaminants from chemicals used to clean your office and pollen etc., are all combined on a daily basis. These are also further compounded by moisture that is re-circulated into your offices each time your air conditioning unit is turned on. Symptoms like headaches, sinusitis, the spreading of flu, coughing, sneezing and throat irritations will sometimes occur among employers and employees..


Other signs that your air ducts are in urgent need of cleaning includes ‘dust trails’ or dis-colourations around the vents in your offices. We at Cold Air Refrigeration and Kitchen Maintenance Limited, understand the seriousness of these serious conditions, and are equipped and prepared to Clean and Sanitize your air duct systems, whenever desired, 24-hours any day or weekend, across the island of Jamaica.

A Clean Air Duct

Improves Air Quality

Improve Cooling of Air Conditioning Units

Significantly Reduce Spreading of Air Borne Viruses

Significantly Reduce Sinus Irritation

Significantly Reduce Allergens and Molds etc

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Air Duct Cleaning Jamaica News Update

Some (engineering) thoughts on Cornwall Regional Hospital – Columns – JamaicaObserver.com

Based on anecdotal information in the media, it is apparent that Cornwall Regional Hospital’s air-conditioning system was wrecked by politically expedient cost-cutting. I consider that it might still be working to specification if engineers operated and maintained the system.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc (ASHRAE) publishes rules to which most air-conditioning systems have been designed, and is now going to be the standard referenced by the new Jamaican Building Code, as soon as the politicians eventually get around to enacting the Building Act — now about seven years after the building code documents were published as Jamaican standards — to make the codes enforceable. It seems that this was not a government priority.

Under ASHRAE rules, most of a hospital has to have at least an amount of fresh air introduced equal to two times the volume of the rooms per hour; with much higher introduced amounts of fresh air for operating, recovery and other special rooms.

Read the rest by clicking Jamaica Observer

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